As pastor I welcome you to our website.
Here is a short backgrounder to let you know who we are.
We are a growing and independent fellowship of followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our services follow the vineyard style of worship, word and ministry but with an openness to the Holy Spirit’s leading.  The worship is very focused and full of deepest praise.
The weekly messages are based on God’s word and given by different members of the congregation.
The ministry is personal prayer after the service, by members of the congregation released to this ministry. Our accountability is founded on a trusteeship of 5 members. Who work under a Declaration of Trust. There is also an Advisory Board made up of 3 ordained pastors who work at arms-length. The operation and the running and organization of the fellowship is carried out by an 8 member team. We have a wonderful mixture of people from around the world.
Every third Sunday we share a luncheon. This is all part of the loving family environment that New Beginnings is known for. Do come and join us as we seek the presence of God at our services and weekday meetings.

Dennis (Pastor)