Message Outline

SUNDAY; FEB – 2 – 2014

Sermon by Dennis Jones

“The qualities of a Christian.”

Luke 18.

From this Chapter we get a check list of the characteristics of a Christian’s life.

Vs. 1-8 calls us to be persistent and passionate. Persistence demonstrates our faith that we will not give up. Passion is the intensity of our commitment to God’s will to be done

Vs  9-14  Speaks of being humble and receiving mercy.

Vs  15-17 We need to be child like in our in our approach to the holy

Vs  18-25 We are called to empty ourselves of self and follow Jesus and serve others.

Vs  26-30  As we become empty and selfless and put God first in our lives, We come closer to reaching the fullness of Christ

Vs  31-34  We see how the disciples were ignorant. We have to accept that we don’t know how God’s will is going to be accomplished.

Vs 34-43   The blind man didn’t waste time in getting to the point. “I want to see.”. We should be specific both in prayer and discussion.

A Christian is a persistent, passionate, humble, child like, empty, full, ignorant and specific person.

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