Message Outline

Sunday Feb,9 2014

Sermon by Anne Gwaza

Wild about the wilderness

Hosea 2:16

Therefore look, I will draw her in the wilderness and speak kindly/tenderly to her.

A closer look at what God revealed about Himself while the children of Israel were in the wilderness.

Based on Exodus 13:20 -15

Intro: Egypt, a place of great suffering and slavery for the Israelites also provided them with a measure a predictability and safety.

God reveals Himself in the pillar of cloud/fire.

That pillar offered a confused and frightened people a visible, tangible reminder that they were not alone.

It guided them.

It sheltered them from the heat of the day and the cold of the night.

It came between them and their enemies, offering a respite from the imminent attack.

God reveals himself as the Healer.

He does it at Marah, a place where He had led them, but the water is bitter and undrinkable.

There, He shows Moses the wood that can make the water sweet again. Clearly an invitation for us to also embrace the wood (the cross) that can turn our bitterness into sweet water.

God reveals Himself through manna.

We see here, reading from Deut 8:2-3 and John 6:30-35 that God’s plan to nourish us daily with fresh bread from heaven hasn’t changed. Only now, Jesus is our bread and the invitation to meet him daily is still standing.

Conclusion: the wilderness experience is far from being a punishment or a mandatory humiliation before we can finally enter our promise land. It is a place where God draws us to capture our hearts back and let us see Him in a new, fresh way. So be on the look out!


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