Message Outline

Sunday Feb, 23 2014

Sermon by Fermin Marquez

The Testimony of Job

The story of Job helps us to understand that it is beyond our human ability to understand the “why’s” behind all the sufferings in the world. suffering may sometimes be allowed in our lives to purify, test, teach or strengthen our soul.

God remains enough, deserves our love and praise in all circumstances.

God permitted the suffering of a Godly person like Job(us) to test us and so that we would know where our faith really rests.

So that our character may be moulded, because God’s ultimate goal for us is not to become rich or famous but to become like Jesus Christ in character and in nature.

God is completely sovereign in our lives and He does not have to explain His ways to us.

God is too wise to be mistaken and too good to be unkind. When life seems unfair, God is still in control and deserve our full trust and love.

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