Message Outline

Sunday 06 April 2014

Sermon By Dennis Jones


On Sunday we witnessed a documentary video of two of the many examples of God’s transforming power changing whole societies and communities from pagan to Christian societies.
Hemmet in the US and Alamalogo in South America
In each of the cases problems appeared to be beyond fixing.
Crimes of all kinds were rife. Gangs and drugs among other things were everywhere
In each case they were healed but the process and the result were different.
But there was a common ingredient? Yes. 2 Chronicles 7; 14
“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways I will hear from heaven and heal their land”
Do we have a problem that we can’t fix? I think so. It is not as obvious as what we saw but just as problematic.
We live in a Secular rather than a Spiritual society.
Some say we are now an educated society and don’t need religion.
The truth is their education has not been completed.
What would a transformed Thornhill look like.?
Churches full. It would look like a revival.
We would meet Christians on the street.
We would have a loving caring community
There would be prosperity, full employment No poor under-privileged people
If you would like to see that?
It is going to take work.

Where do we start?
What does this land need to be healed of?
Bob Beckett (One of the pastors from Hemmet suggests each community needs to:-.
Research its history; asking. Who were the founding fathers?
When we look at history of this region it’s not a good scene.
When you look at it we are want to say OMG

Thornhill was founded by Free Masons a pagan secret society.
The name Jesus must not be used in the Free Masonry Lodge meetings,
Secret names for God like Jabulon. This is a name made up of Yahweh Baal & Osiris
They have other names that they use from time to time but when a mason is introduced to the highest order of masonry they are told the real name of God is Lucifer.

In addition on the political front there was an organisation called The Family Compact, made up of Anglicans only. There was Religious political control. Not democracy.
Only Anglicans could vote and children born to non Anglicans were illegitimate.

First nations peoples also cursed the land.

Bob Becket also says
We should soak the community with prayer just as we would pray for a person.
So we should pray for salvation, for the community to have an experience of God and blessings of wealth, peace, love, joy, health.

So, How and where do we begin.
Prayer and lots of it. Interceding for the community.
Prayer releases God’s power to perform His will.
And His will is “That none should perish but all to come to repentance.”

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