Message Outline

Sunday May 24th, 2015

Sermon by

Dennis Jones



This is the day we remember when the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles and all the disciples that were with them. 120 in all.

In the reporting of the event Luke includes what I call a hooker. These are small asides that at first glance are of little importance.

“Were they were seated” What were they all discussing? They had waited 50 days and I’m sure they were wondering when the comforter Jesus had promised would come and what could they expect. Just like the way we wonder about Jesus’ second coming.

This is important that they were seated because no self respecting Jew would be seen sitting if he or she were praying or worshiping.

This is Jesus’ timing. This meant no one could claim it was because of their prayers or their worship that had made it possible for the spirit to fall.

The wind blows where ever it pleases you hear its sound but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.

There was a sound like a mighty wind but the noise went beyond the house because it attracted people around from all over the known world and they were hearing the gospel in their own language.

Some said these men are drunk.

Peter, full of the Spirit, began to preach the good news and as a result 3,000 people were baptised that day.

How do we see the spirit working today in you and me.

There are gifts. Some are very evident like healing words of knowledge and tongues prophecy while others such as teaching, encouraging, helps and contributing are more mundane. Read 1Cor. 12:7-11

The last line is important The Lord gives one as he determines.

This means when the Lord in his grace wants you to use the gift when you receive it. Then he takes it away after it has been use or rejected;

The gift will only remain when He calls you to that ministry

The other way is as He came at Pentecost; this is the infilling; when some become so full of the spirit they can’t remain standing while others find themselves laughing or crying for an extended period. Those of us who have been attending the Tuesday prayer meeting have experienced a touch of the Lord there. Come and join us.

I have to admit that I once fought shy of going forward to receiving this ministry. Not sure that this wasn’t getting a bit out of control till God put me on my back and told me that HE was in control.

However The infilling doesn’t remain. We seem to leak and from time to time we need a fresh top up. So today if you come to the front we will pray for you to receive .

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