Message Outline

August 7th 2016

Sermon By

Dennis Jones

The Goodness of God

God’s goodness is always a demonstration of His love for us.

God is good all the time.

That is easy to say but I think it is very hard for us to understand what that means.

When you try we must begin by recognising God is infinite.

Infinity is something that doesn’t fit into our lineal mind set.

We work from the time line from the beginning to the end.

Infinity goes beyond and it is beyond our comprehension.

Have you ever stood on the shore of an ocean?

Water over our toes but we can’t see over the horizon; but there is more.

The goodness we receive is like the seawater over our feet.

There is so much more that right now we can’t see.

The word Goodness is only found 20 times; most in the OT.

Only 5 times in the NT mostly about the holy spirit in us.

When we receive Jesus we are receiving God and God is love.

We have love within us.   Does is show?

Like Jesus we are here to serve not to be served.

But we are so busy all day but you can always.

Hold the door open. Let others go to the cashier before you.

There are what are called Random gifts of goodness.

But at the end of the day we can still show love and kindness by a phone call to let someone know you care.

Then there is prayer. A beautiful anonymous gift for someone you know.

May the Lord bless you as he guides you in His goodness


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