Message Outline

September 4th 2016

Sermon by,

Dennis Jones

The Teaching of Jesus

As we begin to look at the teaching of Jesus let us look at one time when He was teaching about teaching   
Jesus is the master of the cartoon. He could paint a silly picture of an event in life to bring home a truth.
In Luke 6 we find a perfect example of this.
Read Luke 6: 39.  Absurd!  Blind leading the blind but it can happen You don’t go to an atheist to lead you to God. And this is happening in our schools today. 
Read Luke 6: 40.  A student is not better than his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.   if you are taught by a Pharisee, you will become a Pharisee.
You need the best guide and teacher, Look in the book. He’s there
To add to this blind leading the blind, is that story of the plank in the eye.
Read Luke 6:41-42. Like a father who was angry with his son for lying. But it was the father’s life style that was teaching his son to lie. The Father’s plank is the fact that could not see that he is the problem. 
Bible Study Mat 12:8-37.  The Pharisees They wanted to correct Jesus but had the plank of religion in their eyes.
Churches can get bogged down in incidentals. Once the Russian church was holding a meeting about robes while at the same time the Bolshevik Revolution took place. Blind to the real problem. 
Read Luke: 43-45 figs on thorn bushes?  
Only where there has been good Christian moral teaching and example is there good fruit.
Finally, we come to the summation of the student teacher relationship.
Unless you apply the things you have learned, your house will fall down. 
What these parables are saying is, you need to base your life on the best teacher, Jesus, the rock, and His teaching.
Blessings Dennis 

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