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Sunday Feb, 23 2014

Sermon by Fermin Marquez

The Testimony of Job

The story of Job helps us to understand that it is beyond our human ability to understand the “why’s” behind all the sufferings in the world. suffering may sometimes be allowed in our lives to purify, test, teach or strengthen our soul.

God remains enough, deserves our love and praise in all circumstances.

God permitted the suffering of a Godly person like Job(us) to test us and so that we would know where our faith really rests.

So that our character may be moulded, because God’s ultimate goal for us is not to become rich or famous but to become like Jesus Christ in character and in nature.

God is completely sovereign in our lives and He does not have to explain His ways to us.

God is too wise to be mistaken and too good to be unkind. When life seems unfair, God is still in control and deserve our full trust and love.

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Sunday Feb,16 2014

Sermon by Gideon Gwaza

The Hearing Ear

1Kings 3:7-9

7Now, O Lord my God, You have made Your servant king in place of my father David, yet I am but a little child; I do not know how to go out or come in. 8Your servant is in the midst of Your people which You have chosen, a great people who are too many to be numbered or counted. 9So give Your servant an understanding heart to judge Your people to discern between good and evil. For who is able to judge this great people of Yours?”

The book of Proverbs is where Solomon talks about wisdom and all it’s benefits. In THE PASSION TRANSLATION, the conclusion on the book of Proverbs is that the treasures buried in there will  help us to Reign in life.

1Kings 3 gives us the account of how Solomon was blessed with wisdom, what he did right and why God chose to bless him with such an amazing gift.

In the Hebrew translation, what Solomon actually asked for was “a hearing ear” which is what God called wisdom, and the one key element that worked for Solomon was the posture of his heart (humility)

The hearing ear (Wisdom) is absolutely essential for faith to grow in our lives, because without it, we can’t please God and hearing by the word of God is where faith comes from.

In 1Kings 17:9-16 we see the story of Elijah and the widow, God tells Elijah to go there because he had commanded the widow to look after him, Elijah gets there and she doesn’t know that she was meant to take care of him and so the little dialogue for the piece of cake for the man of God transpired between them until he tells her to not fear and delivers the promise to her and she “hears” it then and does as Elijah told her.

Humility, being poor in spirit is what positions us to hear from God and grow in faith. And God because of his love for us, his desire and responsibility to make sure we hear him, so we can walk in the path he sets before us, does two things

1. Brings us to a place where we can hear( the wilderness) or

2. Sends us the man of understanding to draw out the purposes of our hearts, that we are not hearing (Proverbs 20:5)

In conclusion i end with this quote by Bill Johnson

“Poor in spirit is not a place of self judgement and criticism, those are the counterfeits of poor in spirit, because in that place you don’t have the courage to take risks, but the poor in spirit will take risks because their entire lives is dependent on God showing up.”

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Sunday Feb,9 2014

Sermon by Anne Gwaza

Wild about the wilderness

Hosea 2:16

Therefore look, I will draw her in the wilderness and speak kindly/tenderly to her.

A closer look at what God revealed about Himself while the children of Israel were in the wilderness.

Based on Exodus 13:20 -15

Intro: Egypt, a place of great suffering and slavery for the Israelites also provided them with a measure a predictability and safety.

God reveals Himself in the pillar of cloud/fire.

That pillar offered a confused and frightened people a visible, tangible reminder that they were not alone.

It guided them.

It sheltered them from the heat of the day and the cold of the night.

It came between them and their enemies, offering a respite from the imminent attack.

God reveals himself as the Healer.

He does it at Marah, a place where He had led them, but the water is bitter and undrinkable.

There, He shows Moses the wood that can make the water sweet again. Clearly an invitation for us to also embrace the wood (the cross) that can turn our bitterness into sweet water.

God reveals Himself through manna.

We see here, reading from Deut 8:2-3 and John 6:30-35 that God’s plan to nourish us daily with fresh bread from heaven hasn’t changed. Only now, Jesus is our bread and the invitation to meet him daily is still standing.

Conclusion: the wilderness experience is far from being a punishment or a mandatory humiliation before we can finally enter our promise land. It is a place where God draws us to capture our hearts back and let us see Him in a new, fresh way. So be on the look out!


Team Prayer Walking Ministry

We will be starting up this ministry shortly with the intent of systematically covering our local community in prayer one street at a time.

A prayer walking team is made up of at least four intercessors.

Our aim is to pray for the salvation of the residence, bless their street and to spiritually cover that street for the Kingdom.

It is our desire to have several teams just soaking our community in prayer.

This ministry will be coordinated to keep track of the areas covered.

Message Outline

SUNDAY; FEB – 2 – 2014

Sermon by Dennis Jones

“The qualities of a Christian.”

Luke 18.

From this Chapter we get a check list of the characteristics of a Christian’s life.

Vs. 1-8 calls us to be persistent and passionate. Persistence demonstrates our faith that we will not give up. Passion is the intensity of our commitment to God’s will to be done

Vs  9-14  Speaks of being humble and receiving mercy.

Vs  15-17 We need to be child like in our in our approach to the holy

Vs  18-25 We are called to empty ourselves of self and follow Jesus and serve others.

Vs  26-30  As we become empty and selfless and put God first in our lives, We come closer to reaching the fullness of Christ

Vs  31-34  We see how the disciples were ignorant. We have to accept that we don’t know how God’s will is going to be accomplished.

Vs 34-43   The blind man didn’t waste time in getting to the point. “I want to see.”. We should be specific both in prayer and discussion.

A Christian is a persistent, passionate, humble, child like, empty, full, ignorant and specific person.

Do you feel you need to commit or recommit your life to Jesus? Contact us.